Little Ways to Encourage Your Kids with Art

I have two sons. Isaiah, who is 7, and Elijah, who is 4. They are a…ahem…”lively” crew. Balancing work and kids is very challenging and there are days when I am not the most patient of mothers.

But I always want them to know that I love them and I’m thinking of them and they are my “why”. So I started making little pieces of art with sentiments. I hang them on their walls and (hopefully) they can see the little ways that I love them. Maybe it will remind them when I am annoyed that their shoes still aren’t on or that there is pee all over the toilet seat (and the floor) and someone dumped something gross on the floor in the kitchen.

My youngest is all about rainbows right now. I like to make these little leafy rainbows for him. They are happy and colorful easy to make so I will make him rainbows that remind him that he is dear to me even when he punches his brother in the arm.

This is your reminder that you can do little things in your own way with your kids. They will remember those things too. They will remember that you bought their favorite snack. They will remember the note you put into their lunch. They will remember that you gave them that extra kiss and gave them some affirming words. Little things matter. I like to paint mine.

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