How to Be Your Best Creative Self

If you are creative person, you know it takes a special kind of energy – it’s big mental energy and emotional energy.

But if you experience, well…life, you know that you only have so much energy in each day. And everyone (or everything) wants a piece of that energy. From social media, to kids and house work, and day jobs, there is always something to take up that space.

So how on earth do you manage to find time to create or just do things that bring you joy?

I am going to share what has worked for me in hopes that you might find something helpful too.

1. Get a planner. Be as organized as possible. I am old school and like to have a physical day planner. Mostly because I am visual (big surprise there), but also because I get so many electronic alerts that I have a tendency to just silence them, which kind of defeats the point. The point here is that things are not just floating around in your head and taking up mental energy. AND you can plan out your day and plan those times for creative outlets right in there.

2. Think small. You don’t need to spend an entire day doing something to be effective. I told myself I would paint every single day to learn watercolor. Sometimes I only had ten minutes to devote to it. But I did it. You can accomplish SO much in bits and pieces if you are just consistent and show up. Schedule that time into your planner and treat it like it’s sacred time.

3. Stop comparing yourself. It’s pointless. It will not serve you. It will deplete your energy and your confidence. Focus on running your own race and being your best creative self.

4. Find your process. Find your process, not your style. What process do you love most? What makes feel alive and comes most naturally to you? Do that.

5. Learn to say no. Think about it this way – every single time you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else. So only say yes to the things that are a priority to you. You only have so much time and energy so use it wisely and choose which things are a yes and which things are a no. It’s okay to prioritize things that are important to you.

6. Go outside. Maybe it’s just me, but going outside always perks me right up! Fresh air does amazing things.

I wish you the very best on your own creative journey!

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