The Best Watercolor Supplies (in my opinion)

I have finally compiled a list of my favorite watercolor supplies! I have had several requests for this, and it would have been nice to know this when I was first starting, so I compiled it all into this DOWNLOADABLE PDF with links and all! (And I didn’t even make you read the entire blog first. Like when you try to find a recipe online – am I right?!) Make sure you actually download it so you can view the links in new tabs in your browser.

Here are my overall thoughts on watercolor supplies…

1. If you are going to splurge on one thing, it should be the paper. It will make the biggest difference in the outcome of your art and it has quite the affect on how the paint and the water will behave.

2. Brushes don’t have to be expensive, but the best ones are Kolinsky Sable hair because they will hold lots of water and they will form a nice point.

3. Basic colors will do for now. And I recommend them because you can practice mixing the colors – an important part of painting. You can get fancy later or mix your own colors in pans (the way I like to do it). They don’t have to be professional grade watercolor paints to be of good quality. Student grade is fine especially if you are learning. I put my favorite brands in the pdf I made.

4. You are going to get frustrated. Because watercolor is a hard medium. No, it’s not just you. I have an entire drawer of failed paintings. You will get used to some supplies and love them and others you will decide you don’t like. It’s a matter of preference sometimes and it’s good to try new things!

5. Don’t give up! You WILL get better over time with practice. There is no secret special talent bucket for people who art good at it. Those people spent allllll the hours learning and practicing and failing and they kept going. That’s truly the secret.

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