It’s true. Finally. I stopped putting it off. It ‘s a picture book intended for small children (probably Kindergarten age and under).  I am working on the illustrations.  Being the artsy person that I am, the illustrations are the most important and time consuming part. I will take my time with them. My goal is to have it published by 2017.

The idea for the book came from a couple of different things.

I have a toddler, (fast approaching the two year mark), and he REALLY loves his blanket, or his “blankie’ as he calls it. In fact, we have three “back up” blankies (we actually had four of them but he threw it out of the stroller one day on our run. Blankie down) just in case. This blankie business is very serious stuff (think Linus from Peanuts).

Famous Blankie (part one of book inspiration) pictured below:


My husband prays with my son every night. He goes through the list of things we are thankful for (part two of book inspiration).

“Thank you for my Mommy and my Daddy.”

“Thank you for my nice warm bed.”

“Thank you for my puppies.”

You get the idea.

The result? A book about a mouse saying his good night prayers. His name is Alexander. It’s called ‘Thank You, Thank You for My Blankie”. The cover art is below.


I hope to bring something colorful and warm to blankie lovers everywhere. I hope to encourage parents and children to pray together. Most of all, I hope to help people remember the things they are most thankful for.