My original art is created using many mediums, but my true love is encaustic. It is what gives some of the paintings an ethereal look and feel. Encaustic means that I use beeswax to create the paintings. It is warmed, manipulated with a heat gun, and pigmented with either powder or oil. It can be combined with other mediums to create something truly unique. For a quote on a commission,  please contact me. 

Beeswax / Mixed Media 8 x 10 SOLD

The Thomas Johnson Elementary project (featured above) is 900 square feet in total and was painted on a special surface called Flexi-Pave. It was a part of a gentrification project in Baltimore. The project was overseen by The Parks and People Foundation. It was created by using  a combination of large scale “stencils” and chalk renderings (and lots of paint). The image is of the school’s logo. For this project, I did not create the actual design (the design was done by a landscape contractor and the logo is the school’s existing logo).  I was given blueprints and asked to execute a large scale, proportionally correct mural project. It was a blessing and a pleasure to be a part of this!