I’m not really a “New Year’s resolution” person.  I like to make new short term goals all year long so that I don’t get bored or fall into a slump.  But I will say there is something extra motivating about a brand new year. It feels like a clean slate.

According to Time, Google compiled a list of some of the most popular searches for 2015 resolutions and the top two were about reducing stress and making kale chips. I’m all for stress reduction, health, (and kale chips). Apparently health and fitness are high on the list.

This brings us to our featured topic, and business client for the week, The Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg.  It is the ONLY non- profit Yoga studio in Fredericksburg, VA. What does that mean, exactly? It means that classes are donation based and sometimes FREE. That’s right people. Free and donation based Yoga (we are talking $5-$10). That means there are no excuses for 2016. It reduces stress, increases, health, and helps with weight reduction, (you are on your own for the kale).

The studio, located at 1403 Franklin St. is currently under construction and is slated to open sometime in late February or March. In the mean time, they have classes are various places in the community. You can check out the schedule and places here. You can also check for updates on their Facebook page.

Happy New Year!