It seems like everyone I know is selling LulaRoe. Apparently it’s the new thing to do now. I am not selling LulaRoe, but I am definitely on team #leggingsarepants. I own a pair of LLR leggings myself and they are darn comfortable. Also, they make my legs look like a coloring book.

Recently a friend of mine starting selling LuLaRoe and asked if I could make her some custom business cards. My answer, of course, was a resounding yes! I love her, I love LLR, I love designing things. Total win win. This is the resulting card:

LLRcards_blog   rachel_lularoecard2

Then I had an idea. A Give Away. Because why not?

One lucky person will win both custom business cards AND a matching punch card. These are the rules:

  1. Like / Share my Facebook page  AND…
  2. Leave a comment underneath this post or underneath the Facebook post

That’s it. Two rules. Tomorrow evening (after my small child is in bed), I will do a drawing and contact the winner via Facebook. Cool cards will ensue (print ready and meeting brand identity standards). Go!