Puppy Brigade

I have to write about them because, well, they are so cute. Also, loud. And demanding. But, really really cute. There are seven, yes seven, four-day-old puppies in my house. Plus the mama. Add our other two dogs, two cats, and our hedgehog and we should be on a... read more

Kitchen Art

This month, I had the pleasure of making a custom backsplash for someone’s kitchen! How great is that?! The buyer (Christina) found me on Etsy and already had an idea for what she wanted, so all I really had to do was try not to screw it up make sure I got it... read more

Oh, Sunshine, Why Hath Thou Forsaken me?

Seriously. If I crawled under a dark wet rock it would be less oppressive than looking out of the window. Blech. I need sunshine like I need (okay, I don’t REALLY need one, but it IS delicious) a good glass of wine after a loooong day of filling orders. Sadly,... read more

Art as a Privilege

Approximately once per month Every once in while I have a day in which I am unmotivated and don’t feel like making orders. Usually it is because someone ordered something on Etsy that I have already made 25 times and I am “over it” because I am a... read more

A Short Gummi Poem

Oh, Gummi, you are the best, You share with me your happiness! A delicious rainbow of delight, Each, a lovely color in my sight! Gummi, you fill my heart with glee, They must have made you just for... read more

Sir Oliver Bear

Sometimes, (like today, for example), I want to write about nonsense. Like my cat. Sir Oliver Bear. His name used to be just plain Oliver. I found him as a teeny-weeny orphaned kitten, hence the name Oliver. Over time, he became “Oliver Bear'” because he... read more

Red Sky at Night

I love trees. They really never get old for me (it is a good thing I pretty much live in the woods). I especially love them against a sunset when all I can see is a bold silhouette of intricate beautiful branches. I was driving home about a week ago and we had a... read more

The Ponshop

Not, pawns, but Pons. (As in the last name of the people who own the shop/gallery where my stuff will soon be). Since I think this place is awesome, I am going to write about it. This studio in downtown Fredericksburg (which you can view... read more


I think that today is the first day I identify with this title. Not because I had any kind of epiphany really, but because I changed my perspective (and by “I changed my perspective”, I mean that my husband and I sat down and had a talk about how doing... read more

Why MaidaSomeArt

Just in case you haven’t seen my recent Facebook status pleading for people to like me, MaidaSomeArt is my new Facebook page. You’d think I have enough pages out there on the interent already. I have an online portfolio, an Etsy shop, a blog, and now I... read more