I Wrote a Children’s Book

It’s true. Finally. I stopped putting it off. It ‘s a picture book intended for small children (probably Kindergarten age and under).  I am working on the illustrations.  Being the artsy person that I am, the illustrations are the most important and time... read more
Branding Your Business

Branding Your Business

One of my favorite things to do is brand or “re-brand” a business. I love being a part of the beginning. The vision, and excitement, the collaborative effort, the potential. That part is fun. But there really is a lot that goes into it. It isn’t just... read more

New Year, Yoga, Kale

I’m not really a “New Year’s resolution” person.  I like to make new short term goals all year long so that I don’t get bored or fall into a slump.  But I will say there is something extra motivating about a brand new year. It feels like... read more

Mediation Solutions

  This post may be a week late, but but late then never, right? I am so thankful for my clients.  For the next few weeks, I am going to spend some time, giving the people who keep me in business some love. This week, I want to feature Mediation Solutions! They... read more

Marketing Makeover

A lot of people ask me where I get my clients and how I manage to have my own business and still pay my bills. Since I have a special affinity for seeing other small businesses succeed, I figured I would share the love and offer up my not so secret tips on growing and... read more